Assistance and consulence

Highly qualified food technicians work at Miltech , they are able to offer direct assistance to customers, with a constant and careful look at the different needs and problems that can arise every day in the different working processes.
The competence and professionalism of the team allow to be a point of reference, also at a regulatory level, for companies that choose Miltech as trusted partner and supplier.


In order to offer a complete and fast service, Miltech, throughout the country, uses its own trasport to make deliveries that generally take place within 24 hours.
In addition, in order to guarantee the full respect of all rules and proper preservation of loaded goods, all means of transport are suitable for ADR transport and equipped with refrigerator box.


Miltech is equipped with its own well-organized logistics structures that allow the delivery of goods optimizing time and ensuring the full safety of its operators, as well as the traceability of processes and products.
Thanks to the effectiveness of the centralized management and to the department responsible’s professionality , incoming and outcoming goods are subordinate to accurate controls and warehouse stock are constantly monitored.


Miltech is equipped with an internal laboratory that allow to carry out quality checks on the purchased products and on its own production, ensuring compliance with the required standards and ensuring security and clear information.
At the company, it is possible to carry out microbiological and chemical analysis on some liquids and food substances, with the possibility of direct collection of samples.

Research and development

In the latest years, Miltech has started collaborations with several Universities and research Institutions in order to implement the educational and exchange aspect.
All the projects on which its technicians work daily are aimed at improving and optimizing production processes.